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Nowra Removals, established in 1979 as a family Furniture Removalist business, provides a quality local furniture removalist service to the Shoalhaven area.

Since its inception in the South Coast NSW area the business has grown significantly to become the leading competitor, with a very strong client base.
The business reputation has grown throughout Australia and now operates to all corners of the country. AFRA-Member-Logo
The expansion of the business has been due to the service provided combined with value for money.

Nowra Furniture Removals Storage

Nowra Furniture Removals has a large storage warehouse, and being an AFRA member (Australian Furniture Removers Association), means you have complete assurance that your goods are in a safe, controlled and secure environment.

We have long-term experience in storage and have the equipment, expertise and facilities required for the specific care, of your goods while in store.

Being an AFRA member means we have regular inspections to ensure that the storage facility is pest free and that there are no plumbing or electrical problems.

Storage suggestions

Thoroughly clean your refrigerator.
Washing machines and dishwashers should have all water drained from their interiors, including the pipes.
Check manufacturers instructions before storing mechanical and electrical goods.
Clean clothing to ensure that silverfish and moths create no problems.
Ensure you don’t pack any documents (passports, medical and tax records) that you will require before you take delivery.


Please contact us to discuss your move with one of our friendly staff.