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Plan Your Move

Who should you notify before you move? Packing Tapes

  1. RTA – change of license and car registration address (within 7 days)
  2. Government Departments – family allowance & superannuation
  3. Pensions
  4. Insurance companies ­ – Life, Cars, Home and Content insurance
  5. Employers ­ – Group certificates etc
  6. Australia Post ­ – post can be redirected for up to 12 months
  7. Phone companies (home and mobile)
  8. Schools
  9. Solicitor
  10. Automobile Associations (NRMA etc)
  11. Water, gas & electricity authorities
  12. Banks and financial institutions
  13. Rental and hire purchase companies
  14. Doctor, dentist and private health care funds
  15. Electoral roles (within 4 weeks)

1 Week to go:

  • Make a list of your requirements on moving day
  • Cancel milk and newspaper delivery
  • Organise travel arrangements for your pets
  • Drain fuel from your Lawnmower and empty gas cylinders
  • Label every carton you pack yourself (room and contents)
  • Check your garage, garden, sheds and under your house

1 to 2 days before you go:

  • Arrange finances for payment on moving day
  • If you get your goods professionally packed, this will happen the day before the move
  • Separate the items you will pack from those that we will pack
  • Defrost your fridge

Moving Day:

  • Pack yourself the immediate things you require (toiletries, clothing & travel documents)
  • If renting leave the keys with the landlord or real estate
  • Double check that everything has been loaded onto the truck before it departs your house